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Portuguese Program

Using dialogues recorded by native speakers of Portuguese from different countries and regions, our program exposes you to a variety of accents while presenting important grammatical structures of standard Portuguese. We will teach you not only the language, but also many interesting cultural aspects.

Videos produced exclusively for CCLS students facilitate the assimilation of vocabulary and colloquial idiomatic expressions in a dynamic and enjoyable way. In addition to in class-training, you can also get additional practice right here on our website with a variety of exercises linked to the contents taught in class. The results can be emailed to your instructor, who will monitor your progress, and review the topics you might need a bit extra help with.

If you already speak the language fluently, especially if you are Brazilian descendant, we have a course that is perfect for you: ‘Português para Brasileiros’. It will take your ability to communicate and express yourself in Portuguese to a whole new level.

Corporate, Accent Reduction and
Conversation classes are also available.
The placement test is free!

Online Exercises

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