Speak the # 1 language!

English is the language of international trade and travel. Our exclusive method focuses on conversation and helps you develop your writing skills, making you truly proficient in English.

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¿Tú no entiendes español?

If your Spanish stops at the ‘Hola. Mi nombre es...’, it’s time you came to CCLS NJ. Our program includes videos and dialogues recorded by native speakers of Spanish from various countries.

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Already know the basics?
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Perfect for today's busy professionals who need a flexible schedule and individualized attention.


Don't ever miss a class. You can attend class from the comfort of your home or office.


Need help preparing for the USCIS interview and test? You can count on us! 


The benefits of learning a new language


In our globalized world, your career and professional success may depend on your ability to speak a second — or even more languages — fluently.


Most academic textbooks are written in English, not to mention that several of the world's most acclaimed and prestigious universities are located in English speaking countries.


There is no greater pleasure in international travel than being able to interact with the locals and experience their culture. But you do not get to do that — at least not completely — unless you are able to communicate with them.

CCLS Language School

Located in the New York Metropolitan area, in the heart of the Ironbound section of Newark, CCLS New Jersey is a language school that offers a revolutionary and effective approach to language teaching. Throughout its 19 years in the area, CCLS NJ has achieved an outstanding position in the language education market with a solid base and infrastructure designed to meet the different challenges of adults and young adults who are learning a second language or perfecting their language skills. We are always ready to meet our students' needs by offering courses which not only teach them a new language but also present a wealth of cultural learning. Our students hail from many different parts of the world and all walks of life, making our classes that much more interesting.