Using multimedia technology, CCLS has designed a unique program that effectively teaches adults and young adults how to communicate in the target language from day one. You will learn the language as spoken by native speakers in everyday situations and you will be encouraged to think and speak only in English. This contact with linguistic and cultural aspects of the English language further develops students' skills of understanding and using the language naturally. Both formal and everyday American speech are introduced in each lesson to serve as the basis for all subsequent classroom work.

The student's material consists of a textbook and a workbook with optional access to a computer-assisted language learning software. Both the workbook and the software are desgined to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar studied in class and they contain listening-comprehension practice exercises. The workbook also features many TOEFL* style exercises and helps students familiarize themselves with the types of tasks and challenges presented by the TOEFL* exam.

With semi-intensive and intensive schedules, and classes starting frequently, year-round, our courses are fast and effective. Classes are offered weekdays in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and on Saturdays and Sundays. Each group consists of eight students on average, which gives you an ample opportunity to actively participate in each class and rapidly develop your conversational skills.

*This is not a TOEFL preparation course.

  • 11 levels of instruction in group with duration of approximately 70 hours per level (12 weeks each, depending on the frequency of your classes)
  • In private lessons, levels can be completed in 35-40 hours on average.

What is covered in each level? [Course Syllabus]

Regular English Program (EP) 6 hours/week (12 weeks per term)

Calendar A Calendar B
#1 January 4 March 18
#1 January 11 April 8
#2 March 22 June 10
#2 April 12 July 8
#3 June 14 September 9
#3 July 12 September 30
#4 September 13 December 16
#4 October 21 December 29

Holidays Observed

5/31/2021 Memorial Day
7/5/2021 Independence Day
9/6/2021 Labor Day
11/25/2021 - 11/26/2021 Thanksgiving Day
12/23/2021 - 12/24/2021 Christmas
12/30/2021 - 12/31/2021 New Year's

CCLS’ Intensive English Program features our regular English course with over twice as many hours of instruction per week and additional vocabulary generally used in the workplace (business) for a total of 18.5 hours of class per week. This includes dedicated class time for the study and practice of the grammar contents with feedback from our faculty and additional faculty-led conversation practice. As such, each level can be completed in approximately 6 weeks. This program is ideal for students who want to learn English faster and for international students. Groups meet Monday through Friday. Schedules can be customized to fit student needs.

Intensive English Program (IEP) 18.5 hours/week (6 weeks per term)

#1 January 4 March 18
#2 March 22 June 10
#3 June 14 September 9
#4 September 9 December 16

Holidays Observed

3/29/2021 - 4/2/2021 Spring Break
5/31/21 Memorial Day
6/28/2021 - 7/5/2021 Summer Break
7/5/2021 Independence Day
9/6/2021 Labor Day
11/25/2021 - 11/26/2021 Thanksgiving Day
12/20/2021 - 12/31/2021 Winter Break