CALL App for Windows / Workbook

How to install the CALL App for Windows in 3 easy steps:

You will only need to install CALL once, as it works for any level of the English and the Spanish programs.

How to add your book to the CALL App:

  • Request a hyperlink at the front desk.
  • Open your preferred web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) and enter the hyperlink exactly the way it is printed (case-sensitive).
  • Wait for the file to download — it may take a while depending on your Internet speed.
  • Open your CALL App and click on the middle button.

  • Click on the first button and select the file you have just downloaded.

  • Wait for the confirmation that the book has been successfully installed — this process may take several minutes depending on your computer.

  Now you’re all set!

CALL Workbook Answer Key

The key for Spanish (all levels) and for English levels 7-9 may be found at the end of the CALL Workbook.