Our Services

CCLS offers a number of language programs and services. Our language programs can be taken in groups (regular, semi-intensive or intensive schedules), private lessons (one-on-one) or in-company (corporate). We also offer classes in real time online, which means that the drive to school is no longer an excuse to keep postponing learning a second language — you can "come to class" without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

The greatest differential in our English program is the focus we place on oral communication. Everything you learn, from day one, is contextualized, based on real dialogues and supported by visual aids. No translation of any kind is used.
9 levels from Basic to Advanced.
The perfect course for students who already speak English at an advanced level but still feel that they need more.
This course covers all the skills and types of questions that are part of the TOEFL exam, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You may choose to do all sections or simply focus on the ones you need to practice. Additional exercises are available in a CD-ROM that accompanies the book along with a one-time access code for an online mock TOEFL exam. Basically, we offer everything that you need to successfully pass the TOEFL exam.*
*This class is recommended for students who have already achieved an advanced level of fluency in English
Featuring vocabulary and situations that are relevant to the world of business, this course may be taken as a stand-alone program or as a companion to our regular English course.
Have you ever felt frustrated when Americans cannot understand what you say even though you speak English fluently? If so, this class may significantly help you speak more clearly by improving your English pronunciation skills. You will practice extensively the many sounds that make up the English language, a few of which you may not even have noticed before.
"Conversation" is a popular word among ESL students, and for a good reason — who would not want to be able to converse naturally and fluently in English?
This class allows you the opportunity to do just that. Students discuss and debate a variety of current topics, including what is happening around the world, personal and professional development, American culture, or any subject of interest in a free and open environment. No books to follow or homework to turn in, just constant immersion in the English language.
Spoken by over 260 million people in 8 countries and multiple communities all over the world, Portuguese is regarded as the 6th most popular language in the world. Our students take this class for different reasons, but there is one thing they all have in common: they all fall in love with this beautiful language.
Being able to speak Spanish has become synonymous with having more business opportunities in the U.S. Our course focuses on real everyday life situations featuring dialogues recorded by native speakers, and it is available in both group and private classes.
Need help preparing for the USCIS interview and test? You can count on us!
Our teachers will guide you through the questions on your N-400 application, the 100 questions on civics, history, geography and government, and the reading and writing portions of the exam — all in private lessons!
You may schedule as many sessions as you wish until you feel confident and ready for your interview.
We translate documents to/from English, Spanish or Portuguese. Our translation service is reliable, fast, and affordable.
We have interpreters fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
*Minimum 2-hour service
Notarization of documents.