This training program has been designed for people who want to become English teachers and teach at private language institutes. Teaching English is a fun and rewarding thing to do for a living. Language teachers have many opportunities to meet people from different places and cultures and learn new things everyday.

In addition to the core TESOL curriculum, we offer training in the revolutionary CCLC/CCAA methodology, which is based on the principle that a person should master language in its oral form before being introduced to reading and writing, much like the way we learned our native tongue.

Although the course focuses on the teaching of the English language, you may apply the techniques you learn into teaching other languages as well.

  • 50 hours in class + 50 hours of assignments (about 12 weeks)
  • Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching
  • The Practice of English Language Teaching
  • DVD with actual classes and interviews
  • CCLS/CCAA Methodology
  • CCLS Class observation
  • Proficiency in English
  • Pass admission test (grammar test, essay and interview)